Tile Roofing in Smithville

If you want to give your Smithville commercial building a bit of Mediterranean style, you can’t go wrong with opting for a tile roof. Whether they are made from concrete, clay or another type of material, tile roofs provide incredible durability and esthetic beauty that can really benefit any business or commercial building regardless of its primary function.

Ultimately, no matter what goes on inside your commercial building, it needs to be protected from the elements. When water gets in to any building, be it residential or commercial, it can wreak all kinds of havoc. We know of several Smithville businesses who have lost a lot of money and valuable assets because their roof wasn’t properly installed or maintained. Rather than do damage to your business by going with inferior roofing services, get in touch with RA Construction KC, LLC today.

For several years, RA Construction KC, LLC has been providing commercial properties in the Smithville area with exceptional roofing services. Though we are confident we can meet any of your commercial roofing needs, we take special pride in our tile roofing services because the many different color, styles and shapes available allow us to flex our creative muscles. Furthermore, we take great pride in completing jobs that raise a building’s curb appeal and overall value, two things that typically happen when a tile roof gets installed.

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Tile Roof Restoration

Tile roofs have long been popular around the Smithville area because they typically last a lot longer than any other type of roof. Their longevity comes with the caveat that you need to be able to provide a tile roof with maintenance when necessary so that they don’t succumb to deterioration. One of the most important pieces of maintenance we provide to tile roofs.

The first step to tile restoration is to thoroughly clean the roof with a high-pressure water application. When we are able to pressure wash the tiles covering your roof it removes all dirt and fungus, both of which contribute to the breakdown of your tiles.

We then apply a special sterilizing coat to kill all growths and inhibit the regrowth of any substance that may compromise your tiles in the future. After this, we will replace any broken or missing tiles to make sure your roof looks as good as new.

Restoration isn’t a catchall cure for tile roofs, however. There is plenty of different maintenance techniques that can be applied to your roof to make sure it can achieve its maximum lifespan. The best way to make sure your tiles aren’t going down a bad road is to allow RA Construction KC, LLC to come by regularly and carry out inspections. When we are able to take a look at the condition your roof is in and step in with preventative maintenance, you are saving yourself from extensive repairs and premature replacement, both of which are very costly and inconvenient.

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