Tar and Gravel Roofing in Smithville

Tar and gravel roofs, also commonly referred to as built-up roofing, have been a popular roofing option for commercial buildings in the Smithville area with low slope or flat roofs for many years because they are cost-effective, easy to install and maintain and have a proven track record of providing excellent protection from the elements. Traditionally, these types of roofs have been installed by setting three to four layers of coal tar with coal tar saturated felts. Afterwards, gravel is laid atop these layers to weigh it down and provide extra protection from the elements.

RA Construction KC, LLC has been proud to offer expert tar and gravel roofing services to the commercial buildings of Smithville for many years. In all our years installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing these types of roofs, we have mastered the standard protocol while still making time to incorporate new techniques and technology to increase the quality of our craftsmanship and the efficiency of our business.

When you require the best tar and gravel roofing services in the Smithville, do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call RA Construction KC, LLC. A member of our fully licensed and insured team will be happy to assist with whatever’s ailing you and your commercial building’s roof.

Tar and Gravel Roof Inspections

Whenever there is a leak in your tar and gravel roof, it is important to act quickly and get in touch with us as soon as possible. If left unattended to, a leak, even if it’s tiny, can escalate into serious water damage. As soon as you notice a water stain or depressed areas, give us a call and we’ll come inspect for a leak.

For some roofing contractors, they have a great deal of difficulty locating leaks in tar and gravel roofs and will simply recommend a full replacement. While this method will successfully repair the leak, it is also unnecessary given how expensive it is. Rather than suggest redoing your roof entirely and charge you for a service you don’t need, we will use state of the art tools to precisely locate the leak and patch it as necessary.

Our inspection services are not only available in times of emergency. We can come at agreed upon dates to conduct a thorough inspection and provide preventative maintenance as necessary to assure that your roof keeps its integrity for years to come.

Installations Built to Last

The main reason tar and gravel roofing continues to be so popular is because it can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. Of course, its longevity is determined by the quality of the installation. If you want to make sure that you are not setting yourself up for a premature and costly roof replacement, give RA Construction KC, LLC today. Our abundance of experience carrying out roof installations means that we can effectively get the job done to your satisfaction and our high standards.

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