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Spray-Applied Exterior Painting

Spray-Applied Exterior Painting with RA Construction KC, LLC

If you’re looking for an efficient way to improve the look of your commercial exterior without expensive remodelling, you’ve come to the right place. RA Construction KC, LLC’s exterior painting services provide a brand-new exterior without the cost and hassle of replacing your existing siding. We achieve this result through spray-applied exterior painting techniques.

Exterior Siding Paint

The short answer: almost anything. Although we call it painting, the technique is a paint finish. This means it adheres to surfaces that typically can’t be painted, like vinyl and aluminum siding. With this solution, we offer:

Exterior Paint for Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and people have long thought it was impossible to paint. Not anymore! Our spray-applied painting solutions transform your exterior vinyl siding without replacement. Manufacturing vinyl produces toxic greenhouse gases like nitrogen oxide. It also releases carcinogens into the air. Scrap vinyl ends up in landfills where it gets burned, releasing more toxins and harmful gasses. By reusing vinyl instead of replacing it, you make a sustainable choice for the health of the planet.

Exterior Paint for Aluminum Siding

When the paint on your aluminium has chipped and faded, it’s time for a makeover. But there’s no need to replace your siding when you can restore its beauty with a fresh coat. Our solution brings new life to your commercial exterior.

Like vinyl, aluminum requires a hard finish. So that’s what we apply. Our painting contractors begin by pressure washing the siding to remove dust, chalk and dirt. We ensure the best adhesion by performing this step and prevent the finished coating from cracking.

Stains for Exterior Brick

Staining brick is a popular practice among commercial business owners. Your existing brick’s exterior absorbs our specially-engineered coating. This guarantees a natural looking finish. Designed to block moisture, our breathable coating prevents future fading and water damage. By covering the bricks and the mortar between them, we provide a seamless coating. With so many color options, the possibilities are infinite. Or you can select a stain that matches the current color to restore its original beauty.

Exterior Stucco Paint

Stucco is a durable, long-lasting surface made of cement, sand and water. While it can be painted using a conventional roller, it takes many coats of paint and primer. Unless painted by professionals, it can also be hard to get the paint to adhere evenly to a stucco surface. RA Construction KC, LLC’s commercial spray equipment makes sure paint gets into all the hard-to-reach crevices.

Because stucco expands and contracts in response to weather changes, its coating should too. The coating we use for stucco is flexible, which means it resists cracking. It also resists dirt buildup and mold growth to guarantee a lasting protective coating.

The Most Revolutionary Exterior Painting Contractors

With RA Construction KC, LLC’s spray-applied exterior painting solutions, you get a new look while keeping your building’s existing siding. Whether you go bold with a fresh color palette or restore the life of your existing surfaces, our painting contractors are here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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