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When it comes to updating or modernizing your commercial property, nothing has quite as much of an impact as painting the exterior brick. But doing so is not a job that business owners should take lightly. Panting exterior brick is a permanent transformation. While this cuts down on maintenance and replacement costs, it also means you have one chance to get it right.

Before you make such a big decision, take some time to think about your needs. Learn about the process. To this end, RA Construction KC, LLC has developed some questions for you to keep in mind when considering exterior brick painting. We hope they help you get the look you want for your property.

Painting Exterior Brick

When you make any big decision, it’s important to weigh pros and cons. Painted brick walls might not be the best fit for your property if your brick and mortar is in bad shape. While paint can hide surface blemishes to refresh your property’s look, it can also trap in moisture.

In other situations, it’s a great way to transform your building’s exterior. Painted brick can refresh the look of your property at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Having a professional inspect your brick beforehand can help protect your building.

Professional Brick Painting Contractors

Brick is a notoriously difficult surface to paint. As a naturally porous material, it needs to breathe to protect your property. When painting your exterior brick, it’s important you know what you’re doing. Using the wrong brick paint can result in costly mistakes as well as health and safety hazards.

Our team will always begin with surface preparation. For the best results, we clean the bricks and repair any damages before painting. Always make sure you’re confident with your color choices. Once the paint goes on, it won’t come off any time soon.

With RA Construction KC, LLC, you get a full-service approach that accounts for all these steps, including repairs.

Affordable Exterior Brick Painting

The scope of the project determines how much it will cost. Hiring a professional contractor might seem expensive. But a great paint job is a much more valuable investment. Consider talking to our contractors to get a sense of our rates and services.

The Professional Painters for Commercial Exterior Brick

KePainting brick is a commitment. Removing masonry paint is difficult if not downright impossible. You also need to choose the right paint to make sure your walls can still breathe. By hiring professionals, you guarantee the job is done right.

RA Construction KC, LLC believes honesty and reliability are key elements to running a successful business. That’s why we offer a no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our craftsmanship.

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