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Your industrial property is an enormous investment. When it comes to durable design and proper maintenance, you want to put your structure in the best hands. At RA Construction KC, LLC, we’re devoted to your investments. We know certain qualities set excellent commercial painting contractors apart from the rest. Our industrial painting contractors have these qualities, and you can’t go wrong when hiring our team.

Safety Standards for Commercial Painting

Safety should always be an industrial painting contractor’s top priority. Because your equipment is so valuable, you need someone with the proper training to complete the project. Don’t be shy to ask what training our contractors have completed. How much experience do they have with scaffolding and aerial lifts? What is their health and safety credentials?

You can rest assured that our industrial painting company is licensed and insured. Not only are our rates affordable and competitive, but our team of painters focus on your safety and the safety of their employees. The last thing you want is to put yourself and your property at risk––trust in our professional hand.

Industrial Painting Experience

Industrial sandblasting and painting projects can be massive undertakings. When it comes to your business, you want to make sure the painting contractors you hire complete the project on time and within budget. With our industrial painting team, we are able to handle the entire project, no matter its size.

Don’t hesitate to ask how much experience our company has with large-scale projects. We can guarantee reduced disruptions to your business and pride ourselves on minimizing downtime. We can meet strict schedules without compromising results.

Industrial Paint Quality

Not all painting projects use the same materials. When it comes to your project, you want to be sure the contractors you hire use the best industrial paint and techniques for the job. A cost-effective industrial paint job doesn’t use the cheapest paint on the market. It uses high-quality materials that last long and offer the best protection for your equipment. RA Construction KC, LLC is proud of our relationships with high-quality paint suppliers and will only use the best paint for every job.

Reliable Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painting requires specialized services than most interior or exterior painting projects. Consider asking our contractors if they have experience with the kind of work you need them to do; for example, replacing warehouse siding demands a different set of skills from pipeline maintenance. We have the right equipment for the task, such as commercial paint sprayers.

Commercial and Industrial Painting Professionals

The best way to guarantee results you’re proud of is to hire contractors whose work speaks to you. Our reputable commercial painting team enjoys sharing their portfolio with prospective clients. If our work matches what you’re looking for, then we might be the ones for you. Take the time to read reviews or speak to some of their industrial clients.

RA Construction KC, LLC is proud to embody all these qualities and more. Trust us with your industrial sandblasting and painting needs. Contact us today to book a consultation!

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